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we are mightyspiceco.

a women-driven company


Who are we?
We are the Chillal family. Our food journey began way back in the 1940's.

Our grandmother made pickles and spices at home and our grandfather sold them in a small store in Pune, India.

1n 1995, we launched our first spice mix brand called 'Parampara' to cook Indian curries and were the first ones to do so in India. In 2012, we sold our brand.
In 2017, after 3 years of research, we launched 'Mighty Spice' soon followed by 'The Vegan Sadhu'

'Ho'oponopono' cooking kits and 'Ponopono' cooking pastes were launched in 2022.

What we believe in?
Our eternal quest has been to get convenience in the kitchen without a compromise in taste or authenticity.
It is tough...but is made possible by the feisty women who work in our factory.

90% of our workforce including the factory head is a woman.

Our employees are not mere employees in our factory. They are empowered to take decisions for the betterment of the product.

They argue and if required fight with the management if they feel that the quality of the end product is at stake.

We love this. 

And this reflects in the quality of products that we offer.

Our curry pastes and kits help you cook authentic Indian curries.

We have been manufacturing food products since the 1940's, but we are

still learning, still hungry, still curious.

A snapshot of our journey so far

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