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Tikka Masala Curry Paste

Recipe Inspiration: Delhi -India

Information: Medium spiced creamy chicken curry with yogurt, onion and tomatoes.

Can be used for: Paneer, Chicken and Fish.

Best accompanied with: Buttered Naan / Pilaf Rice

Tikka Masala


1. Saute 300g of diced boneless chicken or paneer with 20g of butter, 50g of yogurt and the entire contents of this pack for 3 mins.
2. Add 200ml of water and cook until the chicken / paneer is cooked through and the curry becomes thick.
3. Take the curry off the flame. Add 2-3 tbsp. (30-45ml.) of fresh cream. Give it a good stir.

Mighty Tip:
- Tofu, soya, fish or vegetables can also be used instead of chicken or paneer

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